The Crystalafiters Difference

To use technology to bring safe, clean and healthier water to the world’s population.

To encourage and promote governmental, industrial and community actions that achieve safer water for all.

To advocate for the understanding of the health benefits of clean water.

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Which is the Best Water Filter for Your Family?

When you replace your GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Samsung, Maytag or LG unit, consider a Glacier Fresh filter.

Refrigerator Filters from Crystalafiters— The best water filters for your family

Water filters for refrigerators run the gamut from cheap replacement filters to those manufactured by your refrigerator’s brand company, but none compare to Glacier Fresh’s unsurpassed combination of features. See the chart below and decide for yourself who makes the best water filters on the market.


Glacier Fresh: Clearly the best water filters for water that’s pure and clean, with nothing in between.

Cheap Replacement
Water Filters
Brand Name
Water Filters
Traps Chlorine
Traps Lead
Traps other major contaminants VARIES
Traps Arsenic
Traps Fluoride
FDA-grade, BPA-free material
20% larger carbon block

An Unsurpassed Water Purifier: Our advanced technology makes Glacier Fresh the best water filter for your family.

Responsibility - Crystala Filters has the same or even better filtering effect than other brands of filters, because it is ours mission to let everyone drink healthy water .
  1. Turn the water filter to the left a quarter turn
  2. Put down and away on the water filter
  3. to install the new MWF water filter
  4. Flow the steps
  5. Fill the new water filter with water from your faucet
  6. turn the water filter a quarter turn to the right
Premium Material
Traps lead, chlorine , odor, rust, turbidity, heavy metals and harmful sediments with advanced filtering technology, it can improve personal physique and your body ability to cope with allergy. Our coconut carbon block features micro-porous structure and large surface area to achieve better adsorption ability.

Clean Water Projects for Nations in Need

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To learn about our charitable contributions to
charity: water and the projects they support:

The world needs ambassadors to promote clean water.
Find out how you can help.

We know you prefer a company that gives back, whose charitable giving helps effect positive change. Glacier Fresh’s mission to advocate for, promote and deliver safe, drinkable water to the world’s population brought us to charity: water, a charitable organization whose work has already brought sustainable water projects into 24 countries, to more than 6 million people.

In a world where nearly 1 in 10 people lack access to clean and safe drinking water, Glacier Fresh helps deliver this vital component of life to areas most in need. With every purchase of one of our filters, a $1 donation is made to support clean water projects in developing nations through charity: water.