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Compressed activated carbon filter VS Bulk activated carbon filter

bulk carbon

There are two main types of activated carbon filter products: Compressed activated carbon filter and Bulk activated carbon filter.

The compressed activated carbon filter cartridge uses a high adsorption value of coal-based activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon as a filter material and is sintered and formed by a food-grade binder. The compressed activated carbon filter is wrapped with a layer of non-woven fabric inside and outside, ensuring that the carbon core itself does not drop the carbon powder. The carbon core is provided with a soft nitrile rubber gasket at both ends to insert the carbon core into the filter cartridge. Has a good seal.          WF3CB Water Filters

The bulk activated carbon filter element is filled with the required activated carbon granules into a special plastic casing, and the end caps are welded to both end faces of the casing by welding equipment, and the two ends of the casing are respectively placed into the non-woven filter sheets for filtering. To ensure that the carbon core will not drop the carbon powder and black water during use. According to the customer’s needs, the housing end cover can be made into different types of connection ports. Flat pressure type, pipeline type (models are: 4042, 4044, 4046, etc.).

Activated Carbon Bulk and Bags

Activated Carbon is a filtration media used to remove impurities from liquids and gases and for a variety of applications such as drinking water and industrial pollution control. Activated Carbon is charcoal that has been treated to enhance the adsorption process. The large internal surface area allows for the impurities to be absorbed into the pores of the Activated Carbon. LT700P Water Filters

Activated carbon can be used in air purification to remove vapors and odor from the air. For chemical applications, activated carbon can purify solutions by adsorbing impurities. Activated Carbon is broadly used across many environmental applications such as spill cleanup and groundwater remediation. Coconut shell-based carbons are typically harder, more resistant to abrasion, and have a low impurity content. Coal-based activated carbons have a high mechanical hardness and a complex porous structure which enhances its adsorption capabilities.

Activated Carbon is available in granular and pellet forms.  Activated carbon in granular form diffuses quickly in adsorption of gases and vapors. They are also used for the treatment of water and deodorizing of air. Pellet form activated carbon is the fusion of powdered activated carbon with a binder. Because Activated Carbon pellets have a low dust content, they are commonly used for gas phase applications. Bulk quantities are offered for Activated Carbon with Coconut Base granules and Activated Carbon with Coal pellets.           DA29-00003G Water Filters

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The Potential killer-Fluoride


Americans Have Overdosed On Fluoride In Drinking Water

Fluoride, additionally called salt, could be a spinoff of salt. It’s notable that fluoride helps to strengthen the teeth. Fluoride could be a natural part found within the surroundings.

Though useful once eaten in a very low dose, prolonged exposure and consumption will cause serious health issues. Uptake of fluoride will cause gastrointestinal disturbances at a dose of a minimum of a 100 mg for a 50 kg individual.

True so, fluoride is useful in dental health, however, massive consumption will interfere with bone formation. The normally affected people are youngsters and pregnant ladies.

Fluoride is of course found in groundwater. Though there are artificial fluorides that are with chemicals created and combined with a bound product like dentifrice to assist strengthen and color teeth, the waste materials from these product coming back from bound industries will leak through the soil and might contaminate the general public water.

fluoride in water
fluoride in water

Some countries that rely on groundwater as a supply of potable are gravely affected since groundwater have present fluoride.

The Lethality of Fluoride in the Body

As counseled by the globe Health Organization, the therapeutic level of fluoride to supply optimum dental health is at intervals zero.5 to 1.0 mg/L (milligrams per liter), which depends on the climate also. The counseled most quantity of fluoride in water ought to be at intervals zero.7 milligrams per cubic decimeter to one.2 mg/L.

The fluoridation method was adscititious to the general public water system to confirm that the community is receiving a useful quantity to assist teeth and bone formation.

Though fluoride is excreted chiefly through excretory product and excrement, it still isn’t best to require larger doses. Fluoride is sometimes the merchandise of dissolved granite rocks that ooze through the soil and mix with water. Fluoride toxicity is noticeable thanks to the excessive bone formation by the affected individual, particularly seen in youngsters.

dirty water is killing people who drunk it
dirty water is killing people who drunk it

Water Fluoridation

Similar to different countries, water fluoridation in America is arguably. As of May 2000, 42 of the cities in America had water fluoridation. the primary cities to fluoridate square measure Michigan and urban center in Jan 1945 to forestall cavity in their communities.

In 1951, the United States Public Health Service created it a politician policy to fluoridate the general public water system. Meanwhile, in the 1960s, it had become widely used and reached around fifty million individuals. By 2012, 67.1% of the population in America square measure overwhelming water from the community water systems that have fluoride at intervals or on top of the suggested levels.

clean fluoride in water
clean fluoride in water


The water fluoridation in the communities of America is partly because of the research spearheaded by Dr. Frederick McKay. He ignited the curiosities of the community and started an investigation into the ‘Colorado Brown Stain.’ Today, this is known as the Dental Fluorosis which is characterized by pitting and cracking of the teeth.

In 1909, Dr. McKay examined 2,945 children from the Pikes Peak region. He found out that this is due to poor nutrition, radium exposure, and calcium deficiency in the water.

Meanwhile, the researchers from the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) said that the Colorado stain was due to high fluoride ion concentration in the water. The Pikes Peak region contain cryolite which contains fluoride. When it rains or snows heavily, the dissolved fluoride made its way to the water system.

In the next years, experts determined the safe level of fluoride which must be added to water supplies. The research aims to warn areas with high fluoride concentration. Also, it targets those communities with low fluoride to add more in the water to prevent tooth decay.

Court Case

Fluoridation is one of the common subjects of court cases where activities sued various municipalities. They said that there is an infringement of their rights on due process and medical treatment by having compulsory water fluoridation.

Many people sued authorities due to illnesses that they think were due to fluoridation. In the majority of the cases, the court held that there are no connections between water fluoridation and health problems.

Africa boy is smiling at camera and using water
Africa boy is smiling at camera and using water

As of today, there is no federal or state court has found the water fluoridation to be unlawful. More often, the courts held in favor of the cities or municipalities.

The Controversy

Supporters of the pro-fluoridation believe that the treatment is effective and safe even for the children. It is endorsed by the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention and the American Dental Association.

On the other hand, the cons say that it is unethical since it does not ask for individual consent. Many people don’t even know about it. For them, fluoridation is unnecessary since there are products like toothpaste that can be purchased by parents for their children.

Is Fluoride Bad For The Body?

Fluoride is toxic at various concentrations. In 2006, a research done by the National Research Council supported by the Environmental Protection Agency found out that the upper limit for fluoride is at 4 ppm. However, it was too high for kids thus they can develop severe dental fluorosis. The EPA recommends lowering the ppm level.                

Meanwhile, the CDC believes that 1 ppm of fluoride, when added to water, is safe and effective.

the normal water value should in our body
the normal water value should in our body

However, here are some of the health risks that the overexposure to fluoride poses:

Health Risks

Dental Fluorosis

The authorities recommend that fluoride content must be within 0.7 ppm only. If the concentration is above 4.0 ppm, it can be already hazardous.                   frigidaire water filter

Children exposed to high concentrations of fluoride during the developmental stage of childhood can lead to mild dental fluorosis. It is when little white streaks begin to form in the enamel of the teeth. Although dental fluorosis may not affect the health of the teeth, however, it can be a big threat to the discoloration. Furthermore, the staining is noticeable.

Damaged tooth & Normal tooth
Damaged tooth & Normal tooth

Skeletal Fluorosis

Apart from dental fluorosis, overexposure to fluoride can cause skeletal fluorosis. This is where the bones and the joints are very painful, which can happen over the years.

The bones may become less elastic and it may harden. As such, the risk of fractures increases. If the bone tissue accumulate and it thickens, it can add to the impaired joint mobility.

Skeletal Fluorosis
Skeletal Fluorosis

Thyroid Problems

Excessive fluoride levels can lead to the damage of the parathyroid glands, which can further result in hyperparathyroidism. This disease is known as the uncontrolled discharge of the parathyroid hormones.                refrigerator water filter 

If fluoride is eaten in massive amounts, it will cause depletion within the bone structures and become additionally vulnerable to fractures. Also, it will cause the on top of traditional concentrations of metallic element within the blood.

thyroid problem
thyroid problem

Neurological Problems

A study printed in 2017 shows that overexposure to halide before birth will cause poor psychological feature issues because the kid develops.                      Crystala water filter

The study was exhausted, 299 pregnant girls. they need to be monitored the ladies throughout gestation and as they furnish birth to their youngsters. The study additionally determined youngsters as they age between vi to twelve years previous.

They tested the psychological feature ability of the kids from four years previous, vi years previous, and twelve years previous. it’s been noted that higher halide levels area unit associated with lower IQ scores.

neurological system
neurological system

Furthermore, halide has been documented as a neurotoxin in 2014. it’s risky to the event of the kid alongside numerous industrial chemicals. This area unit arsenic, lead, methylmercury, and dissolving agent. As such, folks should forestall merchandise with these contents.

Meanwhile, here area unit many of the affected organs within the body once excessive fluoride consumption happens:

Fluoride In Body components

Brain – prolonged and high levels of exposure to fluoride will have an effect on the neurodevelopment of kids. once eaten by a pregnant girl, it will gravely have an effect on the baby in an exceedingly manner that it interferes with the physical and psychological development of the babe.

fluoride will hurt brain
fluoride will hurt brain

Bones – related to hip and wrist fractures, harmful levels of fluoride will cause bone weakening.

Kidney – thanks to fluoride-containing medication, fluoride-induced nephrotoxicity occurs. The foremost prone people area unit people who have impaired excretory organ functions. Since elimination depends on the capillary vessel filtration rate, the bigger the harm, the upper the chance.

kidney system
kidney system

Teeth – affirmative, teeth area unit affected too once excessive fluoride is eaten. Medically called dental pathology, it seems as white opaque patches on the enamel of the teeth.

fluoride affecting the teeth
fluoride affecting the teeth

Fluoride Contamination in the drink

Water is additionally contaminated with fluoride thanks to chemical waste merchandise of man and generally a natural prevalence of the surroundings.            LG LT600P water filter

Since some countries still rely on water because the supply of drink and a few harmful pathogens also are the gift, boiling water has become a routine to produce the safe drink, however, there’s no assurance that these pathogens area unit removed.

Since fluoride additionally contaminates public water provides by oozy through the soil, once it goes to the consumer’s home, they’ll be vulnerable to fluoride exposure and toxicity, particularly pregnant girls and kids.

a pregnant is drinking water at sunrise time
a pregnant is drinking water at sunrise time

Us is one amongst the world’s largest fluoride shoppers. Americans area unit gravely exposed to fluoride that’s naturally found within the surroundings and a few fluoride-based merchandises. Larger demand for dentifrice and fluoride-based medication area unit largely consumed by Americans to stay them healthy and to assist them in their daily functions.

Most Americans aren’t aware that they need to be been exposed to giant amounts of fluoride. intense fluoride-rich water, victimization fluoride-formulated dentifrice and taking fluoride-based medication will cause health issues. however are you able to forestall halide toxicity then?

Prevention is usually higher than the Cure

Preventing fluoride toxicity is that the sole thanks to maintaining your health. As a matter of truth, some Americans are overdosed on fluoride and have suffered poorly. Here area unit some tips to forestall fluoride intoxication:

Breastfeed Infants

To help forestall pathology, the most effective factor to try and do is to feed infants. Prepare formula milk victimization fluoride-free water to assist shield babies from pathology.

a baby is been breastfeeding
a baby is been breastfeeding

Choose dentifrice With Lower Fluoride Content

Since fluoride is typically found in a dentifrice, and victimization dentifrice that has lower to no fluoride content is a method to assist color and strengthen teeth.

Moreover, youngsters ages six years previous and below should not use gargle that contains fluoride. folks should supervise their youngsters as they brush their teeth to form certain that they are doing not ingest the dentifrice.

fluoride pentifrice
fluoride pentifrice

Consult Your Doctor

Consulting your doctor before taking fluoride-based medicines may also lower your risk of intoxication.

Asking your doctor if their area unit various medicines that don’t contain fluoride or have a lower fluoride dose is additionally a viable resolution.


Invest within the filter In Your Home

Most significantly, since fluoride is found in water and water is that the most consumed drinkable, it’s imperative to use a filter. 

Crystala water filter products series
Crystala water filter products series

What can water filter do to the fluoride?

The water filter is a filter system to clean the contaminants in the water, the filter element of Crystala water filter is made of coconut carbon block natural material. NSF 42 Certified to effectively reduce 97% of chlorine, fluoride, taste, odor and different toxic impurities for crystal clean water and distinctive smooth taste.     WF3CB water filter

Why we choose the coconut filter element?

Many materials of filter elements in the current market, and we choose to use coconut filter to be the element to Crystala water filter. Why?                  ULTRAWF water filter

Coconut shells gift a renewable choice, since the shells square measure made from a natural resource. The shells, in several cases, would are discarded when the juice was extracted. The trees turn out fruit three years and also the trees aren’t eviscerated once harvested, permitting a homogenous renewable offer.

coconut shell activated carbon is a natural filtrate material
coconut carbon

The shells square measure product of a top-quality kind of carbon that consists of a high share of micro-pores for filtration. The share of micro-pores square measure on top of in carbon fashioned from coal, wood, or lignite. This property makes the substance ideal for filtering out organic contaminants. Not only do coconut shells eliminate lead, however, but they also address tri-halo methanes (THM), pesticides, herbicides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).                      ge water filter

The small pores from coconut shell activated carbon to match the size of contaminants molecules in drinking water and therefore are very effective in trapping them.    

coconut shell activated carbon is a natural filtrate material
a boy is drinking water
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What exactly in the tap water?

The best ways that to boost your life typically come back from humble beginnings. Modest changes in your everyday routine will have profound effects on your performance over time.
Water could be a nice example. You’ll drink water each day for the remainder of your life, therefore it’s worthy to create positive it’s freed from pollutants. change to filtered water is one among the best and only ways that you’ll upgrade your performance. in a very recent Bulletproof Radio podcast episode (iTunes), specialist Michelle Perro hierarchic filtered water as her much loved biohack for a stronger life.

“If you’re a standard human World Health Organization simply needs to feel higher, there are some things out there,” Perro says. “Eat organic the most effective you’ll, and add a filter the most effective you’ll.” Those two straightforward changes will have a stunning impact on however you’re feeling.
The best possibility is to drink drinking water bottled in a glass as a result of it’s wealthy in helpful sulfates. However drinking water is dear, and that’s wherever filtered water comes in.

Filtering your water doesn’t need to be expensive; even a basic activated carbon filter will build a significant distinction within the quality of the water you drink each day. Here’s why you ought to filter your water, and an inventory of the most effective forms of water filters on the market, at each worth purpose.
Tap water has improved a great deal in recent years. The U.S. government has updated its pointers for H2O pollutants, and to its credit, the risk of microorganism and infections from H2O is sort of low.
Still, the chemicals that sanitize H2O have problems, and as out-of-date plumbing corrodes, it’s obtaining tougher and tougher for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fulfill their own standards. In 2015, 7% of U.S. voters relied on public H2O that desecrated independent agency safety limits, and even H2O at intervals independent agency pointers contains a few disturbing compounds in it.
Here’s what you wish to understand regarding what’s in your faucet water:
The common argument against fluoride is that it’s a neurotoxin, which implies it damages brain perform. Technically, that’s true. Fluoride could be a neurotoxin at high doses, associate in nursing high fluoride content in water correlates with an up to a seven-point decrease in IQ.
However, the independent agency recently cut the utmost quantity of fluoride allowed in U.S. beverage from one.2 mg/L to zero.7 mg/L, for the most part as a result of studies like those above. Like several toxins, the devil is within the dose, and also the EPA’s current fluoride limits seem to be at intervals a safer vary for neurotoxicity.
The bigger concern with fluoride is its result on your thyroid. fluoride considerably disrupts endocrine production, even at but 0.5 the utmost concentration allowed in the beverage.
Another major concern with H2O is lead contamination.
Roughly 30% of plumbing infrastructure within the U.S. contains lead piping, lead service lines, or lead plumbing parts, several of that are over fifty years previous. per a nationwide study from the middle for malady management (CDC), “lead leaches into H2O through the corrosion of plumbing” as non-current lead pipes and parts begin to interrupt down.
The lead-contaminated beverage is unhealthy news for your health: it shows up in people’s blood at high enough concentrations to have an effect on liver perform, fertility, and more, particularly over time.
The government is in a very little bit of a bind, as a result of change out lead pipes for copper ones knocks lead loose into the water, increasing lead levels in drinking water.
The government still sanitizes water with gas, despite many large-scale studies that link chlorinated water to the bladder and large intestine cancer.
Some areas have tried mercantilism gas for chloramine-T, which might be worse. chloramine-T will not kill pathogens nearly furthermore as gas does. Its byproducts are potential carcinogens, and you can’t take away chloramine-T or its byproducts through boiling or distilling.
Chloramine additionally corrodes lead, that causes another level of problems. In 2000, Washington, D.C. switched to chloramine to sanitize their tap water. Chloramine unsound out-of-date lead piping and caused large lead contamination. The result was a 4-year health crisis within which many folks got unhealthy enough sickness to cause permanent IQ loss. In 2010, a paper came out expression that the lead contamination still hadn’t been fixed, and trying to get rid of lead plumbing could have created D.C.’s beverage even worse.
Bottled water isn’t better, cleaner, or good for the earth.
Let Pine Tree State be blunt: there’s simply no sensible reason to drink drinking water — and if you’re one in each of those people United Nations agency buys it by the case, I urge you to prevent. Drinking water is just about unregulated, expensive, and even the independent agency says it’s not essentially safer than the faucet. It’s conjointly insanely wasteful — Associate in Nursing calculable 3 liters of water is required to supply only one liter, and roughly seventeen million barrels of oil is needed to supply all those bottles, per The Pacific Institute. What’s worse, roughly 2/3rds of these bottles land up within the ocean and in landfills, polluting and poisoning waters and life.
Brew your own – with the help of water filtration systems.
So, thanks to|a way to} compress the unhealthy stuff in your brew? the simplest way to go could be a water filtration system. For starters, seek for one that’s certified by the independent agency, associate degree freelance, non-profit cluster that tests and verifies the material reducing skills of water filters. Next, you’ll get to confirm however so much you’re willing to travel, supported your wants and budget. Ideally, whole-house filtration systems square measure a superb possibility, however, they’re not invariably possible. If whole-house filtration isn’t applicable to your home, then I like to recommend investment in individual potable and shower filter units.    Shop online: Glacialpure water filters
Glacialpure water filter system is the most professional fridge water filter brand. Glacialpure brand name filter is IAPMO Certified and meets NSF/ANSI standards 42. With high-efficient coconut activated carbon, it reduces 70+ contaminants, including 99% of lead, mercury, chlorine, pollutants, pesticides, pharma, cysts.Seeking high-efficient water filters?
                                    Why you choose us?
According to research, unfiltered tap water contains two major pollutants, lead and chlorine. Long-term intake can harm human skin, respiratory system and vital organs. Based on his own unfortunate experience, the founder decided to make a difference. He met a friend who has a passion for health and the environment and owns a filter factory. They researched the current filter products on the market, only to find they were expensive and made with inferior-quality materials and had poor filtration abilities. 

Don’t bathe in chemicals.
Your morning shower should not include daily exposure to chlorine, carcinogens and vaporized chemical contaminants being absorbed into your skin and breathed into your lungs. Without a shower filter, it does.