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Crystala Filter 9

Crystala Filter 9 (CF9)

Refrigerator Water Filter

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Brand: Crystala Filter

Crystala Filter #9 for GE GSWF is more than a cheap water filter for your GE refrigerator – it’s an economical choice for superior water filtration at a quality price. Tested for safety and performance and backed by Crystala’s lifetime warranty – replacing your current filter with a Crystala fridge water filter just makes sense.

Installation Instructions

  • Locate the filter in the upper right back corner of the refrigerator.
  • Open the cartridge cover and turn the filter counterclockwise to remove.
  • Insert your Crystala filter and turn it clockwise to lock into place.
  • Close the cartridge cover.
  • Press reset water filter button (if your refrigerator has this feature) on display panel for 3 seconds to reset.
  • Flush the system by running water through the dispenser for approximately 5 minutes until water runs clear and steady. Some sputtering is normal as air is purged.

1 review for Crystala Filter 9

  1. 5 out of 5


    Must run 2.5 gallons through to wash out excess carbon. Then water comes out crystal clear and tastes great. Nothing to it! 30 second install.

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