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CrystalaFilter 4US-MAXL-F01, 4US-MAXL-S01 System Water Filter 2Packs

CrystalaFilter 2Pk for 4US-MAXL-F01, 4US-MAXL-S01 System Water Filter

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  • Healthy Choice: Crystala Filters 4US-MAXL-F01 Replacement filter. Any unpleasant taste or odor is completely removed, while health-benefiting essential minerals are kept.
  • Perfect Fit: Replacement filter for Filtrete Under Sink Water Filtration System with Dedicated Faucet.
  • Compatible Model: 4US-MAXL-S01, 4US-RO-S01H, 4US-RO-M01H,4US-RO-F02H.
  • Exquisite Design: Quick-change filter designs for the easy and mess-free filter changes, and it has no need to turn off your water supply. You can enjoy maximum water filtration without taking up a lot of cabinet space.
  • Filter Life: It is recommended that you change the filter either every 6 months or every 300 gallons to achieve optimum performance.