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Crystalafilter DA97-17376B, Compatible with HAF-QIN, HAF-QIN/EXP Water Filter 3Pcs

Crystalafilter 3Pcs for DA97-17376B, Compatible with HAF-QIN, HAF-QIN/EXP Water Filter

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High-quality, affordable activated carbon filter replacement for Samsung DA97-17376B, DA97-08006C, HAF-QIN, HAF-QIN/EXP. Crystala WD-DA97-17376B is compatible with Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter DA97-17376B.This model removes chlorine, taste, and odor as well as specific health-related contaminants such as Lead, Cyst, Benzene, and Carbofuran in your drinking water.

Compatible with:

  • Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter DA97-17376B, DA97-08006C, HAF-QIN, HAF-QIN/EXP
  • AquaCrest AQF-DA97-17376B, FilterLogic FL-RF45, WaterSpecialist WS645A

*Please note this is a compatible water filter. The water filter is not sourced by or sponsored by Samsung. The manufacturer's name and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only. 

How to install:

1. Remove old cartridge by grasping the filter knob and turning ¼ turn counterclockwise
2. Insert the new cartridge into the filter receiver and turn ¼ turn clockwise until it locks into place. The handle with "LOCK" text will now be in a vertical orientation
3. Run water through the dispenser for 3 minutes to purge air and any loose carbon from the system
4. Reset your filter replacement indicator light if your refrigerator has one