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CrystalaFilter PPF951K , CRF-950Z Water Filter 3Packs

CrystalaFilter 3Packs for PPF951K , CRF-950Z Water Filter

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  • Crystala Filters PPF951K water filters Highly efficient filtration technology: Replacement for Pur CRF-950Z Pitcher Water Filter adopt novel bottom design is removable, which additional micro-pores filters more harmful substances and filter 99% of lead and harmful impurities to the human body.

  • Premium filter material: Adopt natural coconut active carbon granular. Compared with the general active carbon, it's 2 times carbon particles.

  • PPF951K water filter Replacement for all PUR pitchers: With PUR CRF-950Z water filter, PPF900Z, PPT700W, CR-1100C, DS-1800Z, CR-6000C, PPT711W, PPT711, PPT710W, PPT111W, PPT111R, DS1811Z, CR1100CV3, and More.

  • Filter life: CF-PPF951K replacement filters are BPA-free and designed to last for up to 2 months or 40 gallons. (whichever comes first).

  • Easy Installation: Simply rinse the filter for 15 seconds and then twist it into place using the new LockFit top cap design.