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Compressed activated carbon filter VS Bulk activated carbon filter

bulk carbon

There are two main types of activated carbon filter products: Compressed activated carbon filter and Bulk activated carbon filter.

The compressed activated carbon filter cartridge uses a high adsorption value of coal-based activated carbon and coconut shell activated carbon as a filter material and is sintered and formed by a food-grade binder. The compressed activated carbon filter is wrapped with a layer of non-woven fabric inside and outside, ensuring that the carbon core itself does not drop the carbon powder. The carbon core is provided with a soft nitrile rubber gasket at both ends to insert the carbon core into the filter cartridge. Has a good seal.          WF3CB Water Filters

The bulk activated carbon filter element is filled with the required activated carbon granules into a special plastic casing, and the end caps are welded to both end faces of the casing by welding equipment, and the two ends of the casing are respectively placed into the non-woven filter sheets for filtering. To ensure that the carbon core will not drop the carbon powder and black water during use. According to the customer’s needs, the housing end cover can be made into different types of connection ports. Flat pressure type, pipeline type (models are: 4042, 4044, 4046, etc.).

Activated Carbon Bulk and Bags

Activated Carbon is a filtration media used to remove impurities from liquids and gases and for a variety of applications such as drinking water and industrial pollution control. Activated Carbon is charcoal that has been treated to enhance the adsorption process. The large internal surface area allows for the impurities to be absorbed into the pores of the Activated Carbon. LT700P Water Filters

Activated carbon can be used in air purification to remove vapors and odor from the air. For chemical applications, activated carbon can purify solutions by adsorbing impurities. Activated Carbon is broadly used across many environmental applications such as spill cleanup and groundwater remediation. Coconut shell-based carbons are typically harder, more resistant to abrasion, and have a low impurity content. Coal-based activated carbons have a high mechanical hardness and a complex porous structure which enhances its adsorption capabilities.

Activated Carbon is available in granular and pellet forms.  Activated carbon in granular form diffuses quickly in adsorption of gases and vapors. They are also used for the treatment of water and deodorizing of air. Pellet form activated carbon is the fusion of powdered activated carbon with a binder. Because Activated Carbon pellets have a low dust content, they are commonly used for gas phase applications. Bulk quantities are offered for Activated Carbon with Coconut Base granules and Activated Carbon with Coal pellets.           DA29-00003G Water Filters

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The Reasons To Drink Filtered Water

a baby lying and drinking water
A pregnant woman is drinking water

Water is the most beneficial resource we’ve got and is crucial to our health. Considering that statement, we tend to should question the supply of our water. There square measure 1,000,000 reasons to drink water, however, we tend to believe filtering your water is that the best thanks to consuming your daily water.

  • Money Saving

On average it prices regarding $0.10 per gallon to filter your own water. drinking water prices regarding $9.60 per gallon on the average. Filtering your own water saves you $9.50 per gallon of water you consume. contemplate attempting out a filter, you’d be shocked what quantity cash you’ll have left over. LT700P Water Filters

  • Better water

Yes, there square measure state and federal rules on municipal H2O, but not all pollutants square measure far from the water. There square measure several further pollutants that aren’t needed to be far from your water. this is often technically legal as long as they don’t have serious health risks, however, these pollutants don’t seem to be one thing you’d need to consume. the simplest thanks to recognizing you’re drinking nice tasting, and healthy, water is to use a filter and alter it frequently.          

  • Safe Water

Even with rules on water systems, there’s no guarantee you’re receiving clean water. typically times water will get contaminated and you’ll not have time to react. Adding a filter to your water system diminishes the likelihood that you simply or your family would consume pollutants. If you’ve got groundwater you’re at even a lot of risk of not knowing that pollutants are also found in your water. Sadly, drinking water has similar implications and has even less testing than H2O that leaves space for a lot of chemicals and pollutants to seek out their approach into your water.

  • Environmentally Friendly

If you aren’t filtering your water, you’re either drinking contaminated water or you’re potable that comes encased in plastic. we all know why pollutants square measure harmful, however drinking water wastes three cubic decimetres of water simply to create one liter (along with seventeen million barrels of oil to form bottles). These bottles then find yourself in landfills and also the ocean.               DA29-00003G Water Filters

  • Reduces Odors

Water from your sink, if not filtered properly, can smell. the very fact is, your water shouldn’t smell. Water is supposed to be pure and free from odors and pollutants. Treat your family and guests to water that doesn’t have a scent or color.

  • Properly Digests Food

Pure water assists your body in digestion and helps absorb nutrients from food. Unfiltered water will cause problems with however your body absorbs food and the way it removes waste. Your body might strive against the absorption of a lot of sugars and carbohydrates once moon-faced with pollutants from your water, which might have an effect on weight gain.       

  • Reduces risk of unwellness

Certain cancers and different diseases are often brought on by overwhelming water containing Cl, water parasites and different toxins. Not filtering your water is joined to body part cancer, carcinoma, bladder cancer, and different canal unwellness.

It’s important to drink filtered water. Not solely can your water style, smell and appearance higher, it’ll additionally facilitate your body to appear and feel higher. disbursal additional for drinking water isn’t perpetually well worth the price financially, or environmentally. look into the contaminants that square measure in your water. It will assist you realize the proper filter for your home.

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How to Figure out OEM Filters and Compatible Filters?

Frigidaire ULTRAWF CF1-1PACK

Have you ever questioned what the distinction is between an aftermarket filter and a compatible filter? Plenty of individuals might imagine that low-priced, non-name filters area unit made up of cheaper materials, however, that’s a standard though. In most cases, these filters area unit made up of constant mold and material, they will simply have fewer filtration advantages.

OEM filters and Compatible filters explained:

While it’s ultimately up to you which of the filter you select, we would like to form certain that you just are educated on the various styles of filters which you’ll be able to distinguish the one that’s right for you and your family.

OEM Filters: OEM stands for Original instrumentality Manufacturer. This implies that an aftermarket filter is one created and sold by the constant manufacturer because of the original piece of apparatus.

Compatible or Aftermarket Filters: Filters that are created to suit a particular product created by another company or manufacturer.

The distinction between OEM and compatible filters are a few, however the most issue you would like to understand is compatible filters area unit compatible along with your instrumentality, however, they need fewer filtrations advantages than that of an aftermarket filter.      WF3CB Water Filters

Tip: once making an attempt to determine between an aftermarket filter and compatible filter, examine the variations in material reduction.

The OEM filter reduces:





Price: $39.99

Compatible filter reduces:



Price: $19.99

reduce the most contaminants
reduce the most contaminants

If your filtration priorities area unit to cut back element and odor, that filter would you choose?

Another vital a part of selecting the correct filter for you and your family is being alert to the filter’s National Science Foundation rating.

What are NSF certifications and why should I care?

NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation, they’re basically the FDA of sanitation.         LT700P Water Filters

According to the NSF website, “Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn our certification.

Most importantly, NSF certification is not a one-time event but involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and regular re-testing of products to ensure that they continue to meet the same high standards required to maintain certification over time. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more certification criteria, NSF will take enforcement actions to protect you, including product recall, public notification or de-certification.

Products that earn NSF certification are said to be “NSF certified” or “NSF listed” and display the applicable NSF certification mark to show that they have been tested by one of today’s most respected independent product testing organizations.”

An NSF certification ensures that you are buying a product that is compliant with the NSF standards and procedures and that your product is of the utmost quality.

NSF 42 Make the greatest protection for your health
NSF 42 Make the greatest protection for your health

Two of the most common ratings for refrigerator filters are NSF 42 and 53.

Here are the contaminants and impurities that must be filtered to achieve a filter’s NSF rating:


Filters are certified to reduce aesthetic impurities such as chlorine and taste/odor. These can be point-of-use (under the sink, water pitcher, etc.) or point-of-entry (whole house) treatment systems.


Filters are certified to reduce a contaminant with a health effect. Health effects are set in this standard as regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada. Both standards 42 and 53 cover adsorption/filtration which is a process that occurs when liquid, gas or dissolved/suspended matter adheres to the surface of, or in the pores of, an adsorbent media. Carbon filters are an example of this type of product.

Why should you consider a Crystala filter?

Do you own a Frigidaire® French Door Refrigerator that requires a ULTRAWF filter? If you’re a cost-conscious shopper and are looking for the best possible bang for your buck, consider the Glacial Pure filter certified by Frigidaire®. Not only will it save you lots of money in the long run, but you will also still get the same guaranteed chlorine reduction as that of the ULTRAWF, at almost half the price!

CF1 is recommend to replace every 6 months

If you’re in the market to replace your Frigidaire® ULTRAWF filter and are looking to save, we recommend looking into Crystala Filter certified by Frigidaire® filters. Glacial Pure filters are a exclusive and are genuine Frigidaire® filters, meaning you won’t find this filter or this deal anywhere else!

What are you waiting for? Order your Frigidaire® certified filter from us TODAY!

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Drink More Water Help You to Less Fat

We all apprehend that water is important for our health and eudaimonia, however, a number of America may notice it boring to drink plain water — particularly if we’re accustomed tasteful drinks. The matter is, these tasteful drinks is unhealthy for your health and should promote diseases like blubber or decay. A replacement study free on found that water may facilitate those trying to chop calories. Use that as motivation to achieve for a glass of water ensuing time you crave a soda. (Bored with plain water? strive one in all Dr. Oz’s favorite infused waters.)

Why do I would like to drink water?

The form is regarding two-thirds water and, as a result, water is important for the right, healthy functioning of our bodies. The majority of the chemical reactions we want to come up with energy, regulate blood heat, move and assume happen in water and infrequently use water as a key ingredient. Tiny changes within the quantity of this water will have important effects. Your body and brain begin to own bother working at their best after you lose at the same time as very little as 2 p.c of your weight in water. Meaning that if you’re 150 pounds, sweating enough to lose 3 pounds will begin to have an effect on your health. (Want to understand what quantity water you usually lose throughout an exercising? strive this: Weigh yourself right before and right once your workout while not drink or ingestion something throughout the exercise.) In severe cases, losing an excessive amount of water results in dangerous health problems poignant several of your important organs and might eventually cause death.                LT700P Water Filters

What regarding alternative sources of water?

You might apprehend those who seldom or ne’er drink plain water. These individuals get their water from alternative sources. All of the drinks you consume have water in them, although they’re not plain water. that has drinks like juice, milk or soda. The foods we tend to eat, like fruits and vegetables, additionally contain water. what quantity water you wish daily depends on however huge you’re, what quantity you exercise and wherever you reside, however, you’ll be able to usually use your own feeling of thirst and also the color of your excrement as a rough life of whether or not you’re obtaining enough to drink.

Watch: What’s In Your Drinking Water?

Unfortunately, not all sources of water are created equal. Whereas food sources of water are typically on the healthier aspect, drink sources usually aren’t. Juice and soda carry plenty of calories in conjunction with their hydrating qualities. Meaning that these drinks might not be smart replacements for plain water within the end of the day, even if they assist to stay your body hydrous.           DA29-00020B Water Filters

How is water associated with my weight?

It’s necessary to notice that you just will melt off by losing water weight, by sweating throughout exercise for instance, however this isn’t real or healthy weight loss. The load you would like to lose is fat, not water weight. Water most likely helps management your area principally by keeping you from drinking high-calorie drinks, however water may additionally facilitate cut those food cravings. Feelings of thirst will typically be mistaken for feelings of hunger, which implies that water might create those hunger pangs depart while not the intercalary calories. On prime of that, water will typically facilitate alleviate real hunger, which could hold you over simply long enough to induce to your next meal. a minimum of one study has shown that water right before ingestion helps you eat less at that meal. Alternative analysis had shown that folks WHO drink additional water tend to eat fewer calories, however most of the studies were tiny and worn out specific populations. These researchers wished to perform a bigger study with a additional numerous population in order that they may apply what they learned to most of the America population. (Looking to lose weight? Here’s one hundred surefire weight-loss tips to induce you started.)

How did the researchers study water and diet?

The researchers used information from a national study known as the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, that is finished by a department of the U.S. to assess the health of Yankee kids and adults from a spread of backgrounds. Researchers were curious about the survey’s queries on what food individuals Greek deity, and the way a lot of-of it, additionally as what quantity water individuals drank. The responses helped researches seek links between drinking additional water, the number of calories someone consumed and also the quality of a person’s diet. Since this information had already been collected, the researchers simply had to try and do applied mathematics analysis to seem for a relationship.       DA29-00003G Water Filters

What did the researchers find?

Almost across the board, researchers found that folks WHO drank additional water cared-for consume fewer calories daily. De-escalated, additional water meant fewer calories from drinks sweetened with sugar additionally as less fat, sugar, steroid alcohol and metal in a very person’s diet. This applied to individuals of all races the least bit levels of financial gain and the least bit weights. The consequences on men perceived to be larger than the consequences on girls, however, each team benefited. Curiously, individuals were still even as possible to eat food in spite of what quantity of water they were drinking. It’s necessary to notice that this study solely finds an association between water drinking and lower calorie ingestion, which implies the results don’t prove that drinking additional water can cause ingestion fewer calories, solely that folks who drink additional water additionally tend to be those ingestion less. However, the team thinks the link may be a real one given past experiments showing similar advantages once individuals area unit asked to drink additional water.                   

How will this apply to me?

This study makes an honest argument for drinking additional water throughout the day, particularly if it’s substitution sweet drinks. Whereas the analysis didn’t explore weight loss specifically, water rather than soda or as host way} to assist with hunger pangs may be a simple plan of action you’ll be able to use to chop the number of calories you’re ingestion daily and boost your weight loss efforts. If you have got bothered drinking plain water, you’ll be able to begin out with one glass daily and slowly increase the quantity you drink. It’ll take time for your body to induce accustomed the style, particularly if you usually drink soda or alternative drinks sweetened with sugar.