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About Us

About CrystalaFilter

Since the Flint, MI water crisis, water quality has been a more prominent focus of public health in America. CrystalaFilter was established in 2015 to offer reliable water purification solutions. This brand is committed to providing high-quality water purification products that truly purify drinking water around the globe.

CrystalaFilter has delivered over 200 water filter products. The team of professional product designers has over 100 patents in multiple countries. They are committed to excellence. This commitment stems from the ability to spot global and local trends and translate them into meaningful innovations that address the needs of all people.

CrystalaFilter's passion for perfection and continuous innovation are just two of the reasons why CrystalaFilter is committed to creating shared value and positive impacts on society. The company sources raw materials in compliance with industry standards. Each piece of material is vetted by a team of experts who research ingredients, audit sourcing practices, and test products. CrystalaFilter is committed to sustainability in all its operations.