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CrystalaFilter's brand filter is IAPMO Certified. It meets NSF/ANSI standards 42. It contains high-efficiency coconut activated carbon that reduces 70+ contaminants including 99% of lead and mercury, chlorine, pesticides, and pharma.

Are you looking for a factory that produces high-efficiency water filters? Research shows that unfiltered tap water is contaminated with lead and chloramines. Consuming unfiltered tap water for long periods of time can cause severe skin and respiratory problems.

The founder made a decision to make a change after his own painful experience. After two years of product research and development, finally got the result, We are a factory outlet company that focuses on providing the best water filtration products to ensure every home has great tasting, clean water. Join us and become our distributor and agent. We will give 20% commission for every order sold. Or you can order directly from us in bulk at the cost price, and the profits you make belong to you.

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